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In May 2014, a judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union strenghtened the "right to be forgotten". According to this judgment, a European citizen may ask a search engine operator to remove a link from the list of results following a search made on the basis of that person's name if the data is incorrect or no longer relevant. The most popular search engine Google has already made a "Search removal request" available on their page. Does this mean that anybody can erase all their traces online? The answer is no, even after the judgment of the European Court of Justice. This article explains what exactly is meant by the "right to be forgotten".
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National Commission for Data Protection

Presentation of the annual report 2013


Tuesday, May 27, 2014, the National Commission for Data Protection presented its 2013 activity report at a press conference in Esch-Belval. A record number of 177 complaints or requests for verification of citizens, 26 investigations, 2054 declarations of organizations handling personal data including 833 subject to prior authorization, 2077 inquiries, these are the key figures of the CNPD in 2013. The year was marked by a particularly intense activity and the rise of complex technology issues, often with an international dimension. The year started with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the CNPD in its new offices with a conference of the President of the European Court of Human Rights Dean Spielmann.
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In the field of smart metering, the CNPD is assisting the GIE Luxmetering with the implementation of their operating processes and procedures as part of a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). The aim of this approach is to assess the likelihood of privacy risks and to document the actions taken to address them. The CNPD is not only responsible for reviewing it, but also has a unifying role and contributes to the transfer of existing international experiences.
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Global Privacy Enforcement Network

The CNPD participates in the annual coordination meeting of GPEN


On 2 and 3 April 2014, the annual coordination meeting of the "Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN)" was held in Manchester. The event brought together authorities from 34 countries and from different continents who have powers of intervention and/or sanctions for compliance with the protection of privacy.
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21 March 2014

4th Day of Luxembourg archivists


On March 21, the 4th Day of Luxembourg archivists took place with the topic "The archives and the protection of personal data. Cleavages between legislation, research and archival work." Following their discussions, the participants were able to conclude that research and data protection can be reconciled. Archivists are partners of both authorities responsible for data protection as well as the research community. They ensure that the privacy of individuals is protected, while guaranteeing a free access to information. The compromise between the vocation of the archives and data protection must still be sanctioned by a legal text harmonizing existing laws.
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Inaugural Conference on 11 March 2014 in the auditorium of BGL BNP Paribas

Creation of an association on data protection


The first association on privacy and data protection APDL ("Association pour la protection des données au Luxembourg") was established in Luxembourg on 23 October 2013. Its inaugural conference will be held on 11 March 2014. The APDL welcomes members from various professional backgrounds who are confronted with data protection in their daily work. The members are mainly Data Protection Officers, IT security experts, compliance officers as well as lawyers and consultants. he goal of the association is to promote an active community in the field of data protection in Luxembourg.
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